Experience the thrill of driving and feel the comfort of safety.

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S2 Height Adjustable Shock Absorber

Featuring a dual-tube design with a 52mm large diameter and a pressure valve structure, our shock absorbers ensure comfort in everyday use while enhancing control during high-speed driving or sharp turns. Experience increased stability and safety as you navigate through various terrains. Our shock absorbers are equipped with specially developed springs and dedicated body strokes, setting them apart from conventional market offerings that use coil springs with a single-tube structure. Elevate your driving experience with unparalleled performance and safety.

S3 Adjustable Damper Coilover

Dual-tube shock absorbers allow for independent adjustment of damping forces on both the extension and compression sides by controlling the piston valve and the base valve in the cylinder. Offering 24-stage adjustment on the extension side and 14-stage adjustment on the compression side. With a multitude of configurations, this product is a true blend of home comfort and track performance. It stands as acrafted 2-way product, providing enthusiasts with a genuine balance of comfort and racing prowess.

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