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The answer is no! The thickness of the disc of rear conversion kits is corresponding to the original car clamp, so the thickness is obviously thinner than the one of big brake kits. If it is used with the clamping force of the multi-piston caliper, there will be a certain degree of deformation or even bursting.

Playground Tuning’s multi-piston brake kit is calculated in terms of piston specifications, and we are the manufacturer that has front and rear calipers. You will not have a situation where the brake pedal becomes deeper.

It is recommended to upgrade the rear rotor conversion kit to make the brake more balanced.

Yes, if your Playground Tuning calipers require being sorted out, please contact us.

The body of Calipers are guaranteed for five years under Normal Used and No External Damage. Brake Pads and rotors that are consumables are guaranteed for three months.


The spring of the shock absorber is made according to the original specifications, and the upper seat of the original factory is durable and has no abnormal sound. There is no need to be bound to specifications.

The suspensions are guaranteed for on year under normal used and no external damage.


After paying the deposit, the order will be arranged the next day. After placing the order, the production period of the multi-piston brake kit will be three to six working weeks; the production period of the suspension shall be one to two working weeks, and the above working days will not include holidays. After the goods are completed, we will send them as soon as possible.

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