Big Brake Kit

Featuring forged multi-piston calipers and a two-piece rotor construction, our brake kit elevates your braking experience to unprecedented levels of performance and reliability. Designed for precision and durability, our brake kit ensures exceptional braking force and heat dissipation, allowing you to confidently conquer the roads.

Tailor the perfect multi-piston brake kit for your vehicle based on its model, year, and wheel size.

Playground Big Brake Kit煞車制動系統

Multi-Piston Caliper

Playground’s calipers feature a body forged from A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, adopting a high-performance two-piece forged design. With the exception of the brake lines, all components of the caliper body are made of stainless steel, avoiding the common issue of rusting associated with iron processing and electroplating found in the market.

2-Piece Rotor

Our multi-piston brake kit comes standard with a two-piece rotor configuration. The rotor hubs and rotor rings are separable. In addition to be lighter, the two-piece rotor design offers cost advantages for future maintenance—when wear occurs, only the rotor rings need to be replaceed. Moreover, if you decide to upgrade to a new vehicle, product transplantation is simplified as you only need to replace the specific rotor hubs and adapter for that vehicle model.

Rotor Hub

Our rotor hub is a lightweight CNC aluminum alloy, specifically designed for dedicated vehicles, with an offset (et) value identical to the factory specifications. This ensures the original et value position is maintained to prevent the risk of directional instability during high-speed braking. We offer a range of at least 15 anodized color options for personalization.

Floating Rotor

Featuring the same world-class design as renowned manufacturers, our brake system adopts a fully floating rotor design with the most stable I-shaped floating blocks, complemented by auxiliary spring plates. This provides you with a genuine full-floating rotor effect. The full-floating rotor design effectively accommodates the thermal expansion and contraction of the rotor, enhancing durability, minimizing deformation, ensuring more even wear on the brake pads, and consequently extending the lifespan of the rotor.

Wavy Rotor

The wavy rotor not only enhances the visual appeal but also achieves weight reduction through precision machining. Besides, it contributes to an improvement in braking performance. However, it’s important to note that the wavy rotor may generate more noticeable sound during braking, and the acceptance of this noise can vary from person to person.

Rear Rotor Conversion Kit

If budget constraints limit a simultaneous upgrade of both front and rear multi-piston brake kits, a practical approach is to enhance the rear braking performance by opting for our rear rotor conversion kit. This choice make you achieve a more balanced braking force between the front and rear brakes. Additionally, the style of the rotor rings and rotor hubs for the rear rotors can be selected to match the front brake setup, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our rear rotor conversion kit is all two-piece designs and is available in solid and ventilated rotor configurations.

Brake Pad

All multi-piston brake kits in our product range are compatible with commonly available and widely sold brake pad specifications. This ensures flexibility for your future brake pad purchases or replacements.

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