Playground Tuning offers a diverse Brake Kit selection in various colors. They emphasize customer empowerment and innovation in creating unique hues. The range includes painted, anodized, and customized colors, with options such as neon yellow and polished finishes. Customers are advised that screen representations may differ, and pricing varies based on color process complexity.

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Considering Your Favorite Color

Empowering our customers to choose their favorite colors has always been our forte. Playground Tuning continues to innovate and develop new hues, catering to every imagination and crafting a unique color to you.

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The color representation on screens may vary, and the actual colors of calipers and rotor hubs should be based on physical samples. The price of the special colors may vary by coloring process and complexity. Please inquire individual price based on your preferences.

Painted Color

Painted Black
Painted White
Painted Titanium

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