2-Piece Rotor

Unlike the factory-fitted one-piece disc design, where the rotor hubs and rotor rings are integrated, our multi-piston brake kit comes standard with a two-piece disc configuration.Rotor hub and rotor ring are separable. Besides the rotors becoming lighter, the two-piece rotor design offers cost advantages for future maintenance—when wear occurs, only the rotor rings needs replacement, resulting in lower expenses. Moreover, if you decide to upgrade a new vehicle, product transplantation is simplified to replace the specific rotor hubs and adapter for that vehicle model.

Playground 2 Piece Rotor 240302

Rotor Ring Surface

Straight Slotted Lines
 Drilled Holes
Drilled Holes + Curve Slotted Lines
Drilled Holes + Straight Slotted Lines

Floating Rotor

Wavy Rotor

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