If budget constraints limit a simultaneous upgrade of both front and rear multi-piston brake kits, a practical approach is to enhance the rear braking performance by opting for our rear rotor conversion kit. This choice helps achieve a more balanced braking force between the front and rear. Additionally, the style of the rotor rings and rotor hubs for the larger rear rotors can be selected to match the front brake setup, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our rear rotor conversion kit are all two-piece designs and are available in solid disc and ventilated disc configurations.


Bracket Finish Type

Select the bracket with standerd silver coating or painted color.

Standard Coating (Silver)
RP-01 Yellow
RP-2 Red
RP-03 Pink
RP-04 Flashing Blue
RP-05 Flashing Orange
RP-06 Yellow Green
RP-07 Gold
RP-08 Purple
RP-09 Flashing Green
RP-10 Dark Blue
RP-11 Light Orange
RP-12 Silver
RP-13 Black
RP-14 White
RP-15 Light Blue
RP-16 Titanium
RP-17 Lime Green
RP-18 Grey

2-Piece Racing Brake Rotor

Rotor Ring Surface
Rotor Ring Coating
Black Anti-Corrosion Coating

With a black anti-corrosion coating for extended durability.

Silver Anti-Corrosion Coating

Upgraded silver anti-corrosion coating for superior durability and protection.

Anodized Alloy 2-Piece Hat Color
PP-01 Iron Grey
PP-02 Red
PP-03 Light Blue
PP-04 Flashing Blue
PP-05 Orange
PP-06 Champagne Gold
PP-07 Gold
PP-08 Purple
PP-09 Green
PP-10 Dark Blue
PP-11 Orange Yellow
PP-12 Silver
PP-13 Black
PP-14 Brown
PP-16 Titanium

Car Spec

Original Rotor Spec (mm)

Please provide the original factory configuration disc dimension.

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