Forged Aluminum Caliper

Caliper Finish Type

Select the color of the calipers.

Anodized Color
Painted Color
Customized Color
Polished Color
Anodizing Titanium
Playground CNC Machined Logo Color - Painted Color

Utilizing automotive-grade paint for enduring heat resistance without fading.

RP-01 Yellow
RP-2 Red
RP-03 Pink
RP-04 Flashing Blue
RP-05 Flashing Orange
RP-06 Yellow Green
RP-07 Gold
RP-08 Purple
RP-09 Flashing Green
RP-10 Dark Blue
RP-11 Light Orange
RP-12 Silver
RP-13 Black
RP-14 White
RP-15 Light Blue
RP-16 Titanium
RP-17 Neon Green
RP-18 Grey
Caliper Surface

Brake Pad

Brake Pad

Tailoring the brake pad grade to the individual’s driving preferences and the specific kit configuration is advised for optimal performance.

Street Pad-Grey
Sport Pad-Blue

2-Piece Racing Brake Rotor

Rotor Type
Standard 2-Piece Rotor
Floating Rotor
Wavy Rotor
Wavy Floating Rotor
Rotor Ring Surface
Staight Slotted Lines
Drilled Holes
Drilled Holes+Straight Slotted Lines
Drilled holes + Curve slotted lines
Anodized Alloy 2-Piece Hat Color
PP-01 Iron Grey
PP-02 Red
PP-03 Light Blue
PP-04 Flashing Blue
PP-05 Orange
PP-06 Champagne Gold
PP-07 Gold
PP-08 Purple
PP-09 Green
PP-10 Dark Blue
PP-11 Orange Yellow
PP-12 Silver
PP-13 Black
PP-14 Brown
PP-16 Titanium

Car Spec

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2-Piece Racing Brake Rotor                                        * 2 pieces

  (Optional Floating Rotors or Wavy Rotors)

Forged Aluminum Calipers                                         * 2 pieces

Caliper Mounting Bracket                                            * 2 pieces

Brake Pad-Street Pad- Grey                                         * 4 pieces

  (Optional Sport Pad- Blue) or Race Pad- Red

Stainless Steel Brake Line                                              * 2 pieces

Our multi-piston calipers are made of alloyed aluminum A6061 with T6 treatment, and they are the competition-grade two-piece forged design.

All spare parts of our calipers are made of Stainless Steel instead of electroplating which is much more common in the market to prevent getting rust in the future.

Our Brake Lines are made of Teflon and stainless steel to enhance the durability and flexibility.

Maximum Rotor/Kits diameter size refer to wheel diameter (for reference only):

– Front:

        – 15” wheel:286*22mm, 286*26mm

        – 16″ wheel: 304*22mm, 304*26mm

        – 17” wheel: 330*28mm, 330*32mm

        – 18” wheel: 345*32mm, 356*32mm

        – 19” wheel: 365*32mm, 380*32mm

        – 20” wheel: 405*36mm

        – 21” wheel: 430*36mm

– Rear:

      – 16″ wheel: 304*22mm

        – 17” wheel: 330*28mm

        – 18” wheel: 345*28mm, 356*28mm, 356*32mm

        – 19” wheel: 365*32mm, 380*32mm

        – 20” wheel: 405*36mm

– Rear Mechanical & Rear Electronic Mechanical:

        – 395mm wheel: 330*28mm

        – 410mm wheel: 345*28mm

        – 420mm wheel: 345*28mm, 356*28mm

        – 430mm wheel: 356*28mm

        – 440mm wheel: 365*28mm

        – 455mm wheel: 380*28mm

For precise fitment check, please check the brake template tab that will be offered after receiving the quote requestion.

There are three different compounds are available which are Street Pad- Gray, Sport Pad- Blue, and Race Pad- Red.

– Street Pad- Grey (Standard):

The main material of Street Pad-Grey is ceramic composite material which is suitable for general roadway. Optimal operating temperature is from 0°C to 500°C. Instantaneous temperature is 550°C. The Coefficient of friction is from 0.45 to 0.55µ.

– Sport Pad- Blue (Optional):

The main material of Sport Pad-Blue is ASBESTOS FREE GASKET which is suitable for general roadway. Optimal operating temperature is from 0°C to 500°C. Instantaneous temperature is 600°C. The Coefficient of friction is from 0.38 to 0.50µ.

– Race Pad- RED (Optional):

The main material of Race Pad-Red is steel which is suitable for racetrack. Optimal operating temperature is from 100°C to 700°C. Instantaneous temperature is 750°C. The Coefficient of friction is from 0.42 to 0.55µ.

Our standard rotors of BBK are 2-Piece Rotors. There are four types of the design of Rotor Ring Surface are included, Straight Slotted Lines, Drilled Holes, Drilled holes + Curve slotted lines, and Drilled Holes + Straight Slotted Lines.

– 2-Piece Rotor (Standard):

Our 2-Piece Rotors are made of Alloyed Iron FC30. Our Rotor Rings and the Rotor Hub are separated rather than the rotors of the original factory are one-piece, so that the rotors could be changed when the surface of rotors is worn. In addition, only Rotor Hubs and Caliper Mounting Brackets are supposed to be replaced while changing cars.

– Floating Rotor (Optional):

We use the most stable I-Shaped floating block and reeds to improved durability and prevent deformation which is caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The rotors will be worn evenly, so that, the lifetime will be longer.

– Wavy Rotor (Optional):

Our wavy rotors with precision finishing are not only increase the beauty but also decrease the weight. The braking performance will be improved with the cutting surface of wavy rotors.

– Painted Color and Anodized Color are available free of charge.
– Customized Color (Optional)
– Polished Anodized Color
– Chrome
– Color Titanium 

|Due to the color of the device screen difference, there will be slight differences between the photos and the real products. The real products shall be prevailed.

– The body of Calipers are guaranteed for five years under Normal Used and No External Damage.

– Brake Pads and Rotors are consumables are guaranteed for three months.


– The Products must be installed by a professional technician.

– The products must comply with the running-in specification after installation.

– Do not use Non-Neutral Liquid Medicine to clean the products.

– It is recommended to do the routine inspection by the original technician who installed the products after one month of installation.

Manufacturing takes around 4 to 6 working weeks after the order is confirmed depending on the spec selected .

Shipping depends on the delivery term (by sea or by air) via worldwide.

重量 34 公斤
尺寸 60 × 46 × 26 公分
Dust Boot


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